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URGENT: Cash SUD Initiating Drought Plan Stage 1

To:      Cash Special Utility District Customers

RE:     Water Resource & Emergency Management Plan for Drought Conservation – Stage 1

The Cash Special Utility District (the District) is initiating Stage 1 of our Water Resource & Emergency Management Plan (April 2019) effective Friday, July 22, 2022.

Stage 1 of the Plan is being implemented as a result of two major conditions:

  • Water demand exceeding 95 percent of the amount that can be delivered to Customers for three consecutive days.
  • The long-term weather forecast and drought conditions

Our goal under Stage 1 conservation efforts is for EACH customer to reduce water use by at least two percent (2%) minimum.

We are requesting that ALL customers implement the following water conservation strategies no later than Friday, July 22, 2022: (TCEQ has been notified of all the requested changes below as required by the Plan and state regulations.)

  • Limit landscape watering with sprinklers and irrigation systems to once a week. Please use the District’s Watering Calendar, and water on designated days only.
  • Wait until current drought situation passes before planting new landscape
  • Don’t water on weekends unless it is your designated day according to the Watering Calendar.
  • Landscape watering with sprinklers and irrigation systems should only be done between the hours of 10pm & 7am to avoid peak usage times and reduce water loss due to evaporation.

Extending the water supply during these drought conditions is crucial to meeting the water needs of all of our customers and will help prevent moving to the much more restrictive Stages 2 & 3 of the Plan. Additional information will be available at www.cashwater.org. Please do not hesitate to contact the District office with any additional questions.


Clay Hodges

General Manager

Cash Special Utility District


Customer Notice - Initiating Drought Plan Stage 1