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Cash SUD Applies New Penalties to Those Who Damage Water Lines

Those who excavate/dig within Cash SUD Service Area are subject to the following rules/penalties:

Damage to District Water Lines and Facilities Caused by Excavation or Digging. If the
District’s facilities or equipment have been damaged in any respect due to excavation, digging, or any other activity that damages District water lines and facilities, a fee shall be charged equal to the actual costs for all labor, materials and equipment necessary for repair or replacement of the District’s water lines and facilities. In addition to the fee for the costs of all labor, materials, and equipment, an automatic penalty of $3,000.00 shall also be assessed, and shall apply upon each occurrence of a violation of this section. A penalty under this section is in addition to any other penalty or remedy provided by the laws of the State of Texas or this Rate Order.

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