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Cash SUD Update 2/22/21, 2pm

Progress is being made at most locations:

Office Tower (serves Cycle 3 customers) is operating at 95%

Greenville Tower (serves Cycle 2 customers) operating at 81%

Dixon Tower (serves Cycle 3 customers) operating at 61%

Lone Oak Ground Storage Tank operating at 60%

Lone Oak Tower (serves Cycle 4 customers) operating at 43%

Cumby Tower 0% (serves Cycle 4 customers)  - No water in Cumby Tower.


In order for pumping to begin for the Cumber Tower to fill, the following needs to happen:


  • Office and Greenville Towers need to continue operating at current levels.


  • Dixon Tower needs to improve to 80% operating levels


  • Lone Oak Ground Storage Tank needs to be operating between 70%-80%


So, when Dixon reaches 80% and Lone Oak Ground Storage Tank reaches 70-80%, Cumby Tower pumps will come on and push water to the Tower from Lone Oak GST.


Please bear with us. Water main breaks are wreaking havoc on the progress in filling the towers. We are also asking ALL CUSTOMERS TO PLEASE CONSERVE WATER; this will also help a great deal to fill towers and get water to your fellow customers who are still without water.


The Boil Water Notice for customers in Cycles 2, 3, & 4 remains in effect until further notice.